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Voipan is the original VoIP superstore for comparison shopping all the major brands of VoIP service providers and VoIP phones at great prices, along with our in-depth VoIP telephony articles and knowledge base. Whether you're shopping for home or business VoIP services or products, Voipan conveniently has everything you need for voice over IP.

VoIP Deals and Promotions
Get your own land-line US phone number for an incredibly low monthly rate!
Get unlimited North America calling for one super low rate of $24.99 per month!
For a limited time get a month of service with the Freedom Unlimited plan.
An entire year of unlimited calling, no activation or initial equipment fees. Limited time!

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VoIP Service Providers
Voip'erize your phone bill! Knock up to 60% off your phone bill today! Incredibly feature rich packages to choose from with rock bottom international rates.
FREE phone adapter
One month of FREE service
30 day money back guarantee
From $9.95 monthly
It's your Internet. It's your phone. Make them both work harder for you with Lingo. Talk smart with clear connections for a fraction of the cost of analog calling.
FREE first month of service
Popular calling features included
Keep your existing phone number
From $7.95 monthly
With iConnectHere, you'll be sure to find a plan that will fit your budget and calling needs, along with great customer service and a 30 day guarantee.
FREE Linksys adapter
Unlimited USA and Canada plans
Many included calling features
From $6.99 monthly

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VoIP Phones and Devices
Belkin Wi-Fi Phone for Skype
Enjoy free calling to your Skype buddies or low cost land line calls just about anywhere! Connect to secured or open Wi-Fi connections; color LCD screen; easy to use.
Price Retailer
$179.99 Get Now
Linksys CIT300 Dual-Mode Phone
Harness the power of Skype, while still having your landline! The dual-mode CIT300 lets you instantly switch between regular phone service and Skype phone service.
Price Retailer
$79.99 Get Now
GE 28300EE1 Dual Mode Skype Phone
Simultaneously connects with your standard phone and Skype service for ultra flexibility. Expandable to 6 handsets; color LCD screen with caller ID and more!
Price Retailer
$104.89 Get Now

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VoIP Articles and Knowledge
VoIP: Good For The Home?
Author Oscar Dudley
VoIP has become extremely popular with the general public. TV and online adverts, news and paper headlines have aired this new technology heavily recently, furthering its overall success. If somehow... [more]
VoIP Flexibility and Features
Author Justin Brown
There is no doubt that VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has many advantages over traditional calling, but one advantage that might not seem obvious at first is the flexibility that VoIP possesses... [more]
VoIP For Small Business: A No Brainer
Author Michael Brito
Over the past ten years, the market for VoIP has been driven by a number of factors, chiefly the promise of inexpensive voice communication. As traditional phone service costs have gone up dramatically... [more]

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